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Today is a really hard day for me :(

Mike Ness and Social D should be played every time I’m driving

Officially off shampoo and conditioner, got everything I needed today :)

It has been raining all day and I have a new book!

"Beautiful things don’t ask for attention"

Two little love birds

My new Jade plugs

Currently the state of Idaho, where I have resided for the past 8 years, has become someplace I’m ashamed to call home. Idaho lawmakers are trying to make it legal for business owners to discriminate against gay people because it is a ”religious freedom”, not only that but they want to extend this to fire fighters/nurses/doctors etc. Which utterly is disgusting in this day and age, that people want to take away human rights. The great thing about this, is the community within the state, especially Boise, where I live, has rallied together to protest this. Add the 4 words (or simply Add the Words) has helped organize many events from protesting at the Capitol building, to raising money to bail out protesters who were arrested. Their goal is to amend the Human Rights Act by adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”. I’ll leave some links if you want to check it out. Anyways, some friends and I went to the latest protest and it was so powerful to see all the support and love. “ADDING THE 4 WORDS to Idahos human rights laws is important for EVERYONE. We all have family, friends, and neighbors who need this protection. We all care about someone in the LGBT community. Some of us are Straight ALLIES and some of us are LGBT.” Everyone has been posting pictures with their mouths covered with the caption, “It isn’t about me, but it is” to symbolize the SILENCE by our local government and yet put a face on who it really affects . WE are family, friends, and neighbors of those who are losing their housing, jobs, and even their lives. IT IS ABOUT ME. Our local pride festival has also been shut down due to a “lack of funding” especially in a time like this, we need it more than ever. 

After the attack on human rights, Idaho has now come out saying that they want to nullify federal environmental laws and on top of all of this, have also passed a bill to kill off the wolves. This place really has been disgusting me in it’s backwards and closed minded ways. I will celebrate the day I get to leave this place behind.

My boyfriend’s brindle boxer (Sarge) and my pit bull (Luna)

You know what turns me on? When my boyfriend sings along to zeppelin with me, he’s totally the one

My spiral tapers came today! So excited look how big they are! This is my last jump :)
My wonderful mum and best friend sent me a care package from home (South Africa). It’s really hard on the both of us being so far away from each other, and we’ve only seen each other twice in 8 years but her kind and thoughtful nature makes it a little easier! My care package included two notebooks to write more :) owl tissues, a holistic health magazine my mum and her friend put out every other month. She also does the cover artwork and there was a 3 page article about her Tai Chi practice inside. An awesome owl card, with a beautiful and encouraging message, a classic book, a shirt, a bird magnet that says hoop (it means “hope” in one of our languages but she got it because of my hula hoop obsession), a bracelet and and owl necklace as well as a postcard with fantastic art on it. Lastly she sent a CD of her yoga retreat/festival. My mum is a badass and even though I try not to be materialistic, I will treasure her gifts :)

I am going to quit using shampoo and conditioner and instead use an alternative way with baking soda, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. According to a lot of my friends, it works wonders, is better for your hair, I can now get rid of more chemicals, is cheaper and leaves less of a carbon foot print. I am super excited and hopefully it works for me :)

Beautiful new moon stone ring :)