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So I have some crazy exciting news that I just want to scream out at every random person I see, but I cannot share until everything is “official” and it’s driving me bonkers. Every time I hang out with friends I just want to say casually “hey guess what?” And unload all my happiness just for the sake of getting it off my chest because no one knows. I have this gift and I want to share it with everybody ugh and the anticipation is killing me. Frankly I just want to brag too. So in five days I can start telling people maybe. I have to wait until next Sunday to tell the important people first and then once all of them know I can share with everyone else. And no I am not pregnant :p

My boyfriend has been on my case about getting rid of my vintage one piece, he wanted me to stop being so body conscious and get into a two piece so I took him shopping with me and let him choose whatever he wanted. So now I’m actually going swimming with people in public! and feeling better about my body thanks to him :)

My boyfriend’s brother showing off his hooping skills they other day while we were brewing beer :)

Some of our closest friends at our usual spot on Sunday night’s. Our fabulous gaunty (gay auntie) Shaye, Mr freckles- his wonderfly sweet boyfriend, my boyfriend’s brother, me, my boyfriend and our two great friends Eric and Ben. 
- On a little more darker note some ( and I don’t use this word lightly) cunt, who used to date my old roommate, worked with me at Subway, and worked with my close friend at pita pit, stole my boyfriend’s and my spot at the bar while we went for a smoke. Our Gaunty and his boyfriend asked her to kindly move because we were coming back and they were watching our stuff for us. She gave him a really shifty mean look and called him a faggot. Once word got around, our entire crew of about 15 people started fucking with her. My boyfriend took it the worst and was throwing ice cubes from our beer buckets all night at her, and while we were up on our chairs and the bar counter singing along to Justin’s playlist of the greatest songs ever, everyone was cheersing and crashing their beers together causing an endless waterfall of raineer and foam all over said c u n t . I’m not one to behave this way, and I certainly don’t approve of people acting this way but she messed with family. And no one whether they’re family or not, should be treated that way.
My next tattoo ;)

My next tattoo ;)

Logan got me the prettiest flowers and he didn’t even realize they’re native to my home land South Africa

Fishing day with my best mate and our 40s :)

My boyfriend’s brother brewing his summer beer yum yum :)

This is the love of my life, my one true love, my twin flame. I never truely loved someone, in my entire life, half as much as I love him. He let’s me be myself, he never judges me or tries to control me. He encourages me and completes me. There has never been an unhappy day with him. He respects me and I can trust him 100%.
The list goes on and on. I am so greatful that I have found my other half and am excited to spend the rest of my life with him :)

This was right after my boyfriend and I got our $13 Friday the 13th tattoos, my wrist was bruised all the way up until it healed compeletey

Cuddle buddies

My family! My boyfriend, our fabulous gaunty (gay aunt) and his new incredibly sweet boyfriend.
My best mate Andrew and I fishing and drinking. It’s always a great time

When your boyfriend tells you to start practicing his last name in cursive :)

I haven’t been sleeping well lately, it’s been a few weeks but I’m still upset at how people treat other people in the states. I had a really good friend who I really went out of my way to help out and we grew together. It was so nice to share the things we did but I guess friendship doesn’t mean anything anymore. Even though we gave her a roof and a safe place to stay after coming from a scary family situation she refused to pay her share of utilities for three months, ate all of our food without asking and then skipped out on us the day before rent was due and didn’t feel like paying us rent. After I broke down in fear of losing our apartment ( I have no family to fall back on) and being out on the streets she gave us a check made out for $45 which we couldn’t even use to pay our overdue bills because she made it out to our property management place. Not to mention we still had a day to come up with the close to $400 she did owe us. She had no remorse and said she wasn’t screwing us over. How could she just sit there like it meant nothing to her? We had to go to my boyfriends family to borrow money and work to pay it off. On top of my 10+ work days. I am trying so hard not to complain but I have lost my faith in people. How am I supposed to find real people in this place? Who mean what they say and don’t have alternative motives? I go so far for my friends but they always leave, how horrible of a person must I be if I have no one left in my life?! For people to feel nothing at all when they walk all over me and throw me to the wolves. How bad of a person must I be to be discarded with no hesitation at all. I have failed everyone and I apologize for any wrong I have done to make me worthless.